Our Pint-Sized Veg Plot


Say cheese! 5 July, 2008

Filed under: Chit-chat,Our plot — OPSP @ 10:33 am

A few snaps from OPSP 🙂














5 Responses to “Say cheese!”

  1. titania Says:

    Lovely snap shots. I particularly like the Thyme and the Calendulas, The flowers I use in my herb salt, it looks nice with colourful flecks.

  2. Bev Says:

    I love your little raised veg beds, I plan to do something very similiar in my garden soon. Lovely photos

  3. Great photos! Lovely beds, too. Giving me ideas for here at the house. I’d never thought about using the flowers in the salt, what a great idea!

  4. Avis Weathersbee Says:

    Those zucchini flowers are simply gorgeous!

  5. Avis Weathersbee Says:

    I saw a cooking show where they were battered and deep fried to go alongside grilled fish. It looked wonderful! (http://www.CityDiggity.com)

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